Data Center Operations

The TMA HQ includes a state-of-the-art, 5,400 sq. ft. data center. Space is available for customers and partners.

Our Chantilly headquarters includes a 5,400 sq. ft., 130 rack, independently cooled and powered secure data center with room for expansion. The data center currently hosts TMA, partner company, and customer applications, databases, and radio equipment. The data center includes overhead power and cable management, under floor air cooling with optional overhead spot cooling, and GPS-locked precision time reference (IRIG, 1 PPS) time across the floor. Our full roof rights enable our engineers to install and test a variety of equipment with connection points to the basement data center.


TMA has dedicated power for the Data Center. The main breakers provide both surge suppression and power filtering for the discerning customer. Power distribution is provided via a three-phase StarLine Track Busway, which enables us to provide a variety of PDUs to meet your power needs.

High-Performance Cooling

Our Data Center features an oversized Glycol loop with room to grow that can help meet your cooling needs, even for high-density systems. Cool air floods the Data Center from under the 20 inch raised floor through grates in a hot/cool isle configuration. Redundant, centrally controlled CRAC units keeps our Data Center environment optimal for processing. If this is not enough for your needs, we can augment the CRAC units with self-pressurizing R134A-based spot cooling. You might want to bring a jacket.

Operations Floor

We provide 24/7 monitoring of our integration facility to include: temperature, humidity, water, and other alerts help us ensure system availability.

Spot Cooling Infrastructure

Full roof rights enable TMA to provide a redundant, spot cooling infrastructure providing 180 tons of cooling. If 180 tons of cool air is insufficient for your needs, we can augment the CRAC units with self-pressurizing R134A-based spot cooling.

Command Your Mission

Learn more about how you can leverage our 5,400 square feet secure data center to meet your organization’s requirements.