Quick Reaction Capabilities

TMA has successfully built and deployed Quick Reaction Capabilities for National and Tactical Customers for over two decades.

TMA combines strong domain knowledge and in-depth understanding of our customer’s infrastructure and assets with innovative approaches to rapidly deliver applications which counter emerging threats. TMA dedicates resources to training and R&D efforts to ensure our Subject Matter Experts are well versed in the latest technologies, minimizing start-up time. We leverage robust, existing applications and frameworks, including X-Midas, NeXtMidas, and REDHAWK to reduce software development costs and increase long-term maintainability.

Our QRC efforts have included replacement of vital processing components running on failing hardware, development of modular acquisition systems to enable new signal exploitation, and creation of algorithms to prosecute emerging threats.

Developing Enhanced Software

Our QRC domain knowledge also extends to cutting-edge software engineering. An in-house QRC (pictured to the left) enabled command, control, and live data and audio streaming from remote sensors directly from an HTML5 Web Application. Our software engineers are intimately familiar with multi-INT sensor integration, Service-Oriented Web Solutions, geospatial systems, and advanced UI displays.