DSP & Exploitation

TMA has over 20 years of experience and a strong reputation for providing solutions to the Signals Intelligence community.

Our team of highly skilled engineers support a wide range of solutions across the Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) process. From the front end of the processing vertical where TMA is intimately involved in data conversion, to Exploitation where our experts extract information, ending with Dissemination where TMA architects networks and standards to facilitate rapid information sharing. TMA has been a thought leader in PED for over 20 years directly supporting the mission and partnering with our customers.

Proven Expertise

X-MIDAS / NeXtMidas

Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Core Competencies

TMA has extensive experience in the digital signals processing community with core competencies in SIGINT disciplines. Our engineers have years of experience in DSP analysis, design, and development. Much of our work includes custom site installations at locations around the world. Our solutions employ COTS and GOTS hardware/software along with existing custom customer applications that bridge strategic and tactical capabilities.

Software-Defined Radio

TMA has leveraged low-cost, increased-power computing hardware by embracing Software-Defined Radio (SDR) technologies, moving signal processing components that were once implemented only in hardware to networked computing systems. What in the past could only be accomplished by specially designed DSP, ASIC, and FPGA devices, can now be accomplished using off-the-shelf, commodity hardware due to increasing capabilities of general purpose hardware. TMA excels in utilizing industry-standard and proprietary Software-Defined Radio frameworks including the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), GNURadio, X-Midas, NeXtMidas, OSSIE, and REDHAWK. TMA is a member of the REDHAWK development team.

X-MIDAS & NeXtMidas

TMA has been a leading developer of X-Midas and NeXtMidas-based solutions for the Intelligence Community. In fact, TMA has held the contract to maintain the NeXtMidas baseline, providing software enhancements and mission-critical support for over 10 years. Our Midas engineers have made major contributions to the NeXtMidas baseline in order to capitalize on recent advancements in the area of Software Defined Radio (SDR) such as the open-source REDHAWK SDR framework.

QRC Installations

TMA provides our customers with Quick Reaction Capabilities (QRC) that enable new ideas, technologies, and concepts to be rapidly developed and tested. Some of our past QRC installations have enabled our customers to rapidly collect and disseminate new signals, provide specialized emitter calibration and control, and Web-enable real-time systems.

Our history of integrating sensor systems combined with our core values of staying current with the latest technology has led to TMA’s latest cutting-edge solutions. As a precursor to JICD4.2, TMA built a proof-of-concept sensor-integration and signal-processing system called BLACKBIRD, which defined a generic API for integrating sensor systems, as well as a thin web front-end and software-based signal processing system (utilizing OSSIE, the precursor to REDHAWK).