TMA Achieves V3 Certification

TMA has achieved V3 certification from the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program. The Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program is a Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Veterans Services Program. V3 helps employers understand, design, and implement nationally recognized best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining Veterans. The V3 Program works with hundreds of companies and dozens of other partners throughout the commonwealth to increase awareness of military service members’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.

As part of the certification process, TMA made a Patriot Pledge: We believe Veterans, to include serving Guardsmen and Reservists, do and will continue to play an essential role in building a competent and successful workforce, and many will be the future leaders of our business. We are excited to do our part in the Commonwealth of Virginia to invest in our workforce with Veterans, thereby energizing Virginia’s economy, and being an example of how Virginia Values Veterans.

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